Lasers & Illuminator

Lasers & Illuminator

Holosun now release its high-end laser & illuminator product family in 2016 SHOT Show. It features the following advantages:

1. Coaxial Laser Beam: The laser beams of Holosun laser & illuminator sights are coaxial which means that the lasers could be adjusted the W&E at the same time.

2. Rear-end Focusing: The focusing knob of the IR illuminator locates at the rear end instead of front side, thus making it convenient for user to operate.

3. Semiconductor Green Laser: Holosun uses the nature green laser that is more reliable and has a better performance than the DPSS laser under different temperature ranges.

4. Multifunctions: Holosun integrates the high/low power visible laser, IR laser, IR illuminator and flashlight, offering its customer more comprehensive options.

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LS210G Flashlight & Green Laser
LS210G is a small laser sight integrated with high intensity LED light. It features the QD mount tha..
Ex Tax: $159.00
LS117 Red, Green or IR Laser
The LS117 is a compact and lightweight laser sight. The laser is highly colimated and has three opti..
Ex Tax: $352.00
LS221G&IR Green Laser&IR Laser
LS221 is a dual laser sight that feature one visible laser (green or red) and one IR laser used with..
Ex Tax: $646.00
LS321 Green Laser & IR Laser & IR Illuminator
LS321 is a multi-laser device that integrates green laser, IR laser and IR illumintor. It has a mode..
Ex Tax: $940.00
LS420 Green Laser & IR Laser & IR Illuminator & Flashlight
LS420 is a multi-laser device that integrates green laser, IR laser, IR illumintor and Flashlight. I..
Ex Tax: $1,058.00
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