Tube Red Dot

Tube Red Dot

Holosun offers a tube red dot product family with a 30mm lens diameter. This product family features the following advantages:

1. Advanced LED Technology: Our high efficiency LED technology draws current at the micro ampere level. This means that a single battery can last you up to 50,000 hours. At the same time, Holosun also offers a versatile reticle For example, our 500 series optics have a switchable recticle, giving you the option of a circle dot and single dot.

2. Unique Solar Technology: In solar mode, the brightness of reticle will automatically vary according to ambient lighting. The solar panel acts as a main power supply, and the battery compensates if solar power cannot drive the LED.

3. Special Glass: Holosun's proprietary multi-layer coating on the front glass ensures light transmittance and clarity. Holosun also carefully pairs the front and rear lenses to eliminate parallax.

4. Multi-Functionality: Holosun offers functions like motion, solar, auto-on/off and memory on our red dot line. Some of our products also integrate visible and IR lasers with red dot sight for tactical situations where a red dot alone might not be sufficient.

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HS401G5 Red dot & Green Laser
HS401G5 is a model with30 mm len diameter that has the sing dot reticle, integrated green las..
Ex Tax: $297.99
HS401R5 Red Dot & Red laser
HS401R5 is a model with 30 mm lenS diameter that has the sing dot reticle, integrated red laser. ..
Ex Tax: $205.99
HS406A Red Dot
HS406A Red Dot 50,000 hours, with 30mm Cantilever Weaver Mount parallax free, PEO/MAO finish,..
Ex Tax: $205.99
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HS502C Circle Dot & Solar
↵ HS502C is a model with30 mm len diameter that has the Circle dot reticle and integrated..
Ex Tax: $257.99
HS402C Red Dot & Solar
HS402C is a model with30 mm len diameter that has the sing dot reticle, integrated solar panel ..
Ex Tax: $216.99
HS402D Red Dot
↵ HS402D is a model with30 mm len diameter that has the sing dot reticle. Features ..
Ex Tax: $185.99
HS406C  Red Dot & Solar
TUBE HS406C red dot sight with is a monocular cantilever mount utilizing both a solar cell and a hig..
Ex Tax: $236.99
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